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The Ruoff Group formed in 2011 to provide high-quality research and policy analysis as well as tools that empower South Carolinians to participate effectively in public policy debates.

The Ruoff Group provides nonprofit organizations, governmental entities and attorneys with a broad range of research and policy analysis. Those have included studies of income, poverty, housing, health care access and affordability, legislative voting, employment, pay telephones, transportation, occupational discipline, elections, electric utility rate impacts, taxes and public budgeting. The Ruoff Group brings experience in quantitative research methods. The Ruoff Group has mapped for clients transportation systems, demographic data, socio-economic indicators, health insurance coverage, taxes, governmental services, election information and electoral districts.

Dr. John Ruoff, the Group’s Principal, brings over forty years of experience as a researcher, policy analyst, community organizer and advocate, principally in South Carolina. He has appeared numerous times as an expert in state and federal courts, testifying on statistics, racial disparities, disparate impact of policies on low-income households, social and economic matters, demography, household economics, Southern history and Southern politics, redistricting and voting rights.

Ruoff represented South Carolina Fair Share at the South Carolina General Assembly for a quarter century. For more than two decades he compiled and published a tracking report on the bulk of SC legislation as well as policy analysis of leading legislative issues.

He is the author of Nonprofits 101: A Guide for Staff and Board Members of New and Smaller Charitable [501(c)(3)] Nonprofits and served on Together SC’s Blue Ribbon Panel that produced  Guiding Principles and Best Practices:  Preserving the Public Trust.  He conducts trainings and consults on nonprofit ethics, transparency, legal compliance and accountability.


The Ruoff Group
6170 Crabtree Rd.
Columbia, SC  29206                                                                                                      803-603-3224 (c)
803-782-5401 (o)

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